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Whole Home Surge Protection by Stansbury Electric

Square D Surgelogic Surgebreaker Plus — electrical panels in Louisville, KY in Louisville, KY
The Surgelogic™ Surgebreaker ™ Plus Surge Protective Device protects entire home from high-energy power surges and low-energy repetitive surges by delivering surge suppression. Surgebreaker Plus surpasses competition through sophisticated modular technology compact footprint, ease of installation, and easy retrofit capabilities.

The Surgelogic™ Surgebreaker Plus Advantage

  • Easy to install - Few screws needed, modules snap into place
  • Saves space - Compact design requires minimal space
  • Maximum surge suppression - Includes HEPD80 for long lasting protection against more powerful surges, up to 80 kA and offers 120/240V AC voltage protection
  • Extends protection - Whole house protection including appliances, HVAC, lighting, cable, Ethernet, and telephone.
  • Five Year Warranty - $75,000 downstream
  • Application flexibility - Removable modules (cable, ethernet, and telephone) allow quick and easy installation customization.

Surgelogic™ Surgebreaker™ Plus Whole House Surge Offer

Surgebreaker Plus protects everthing from home electrical wiring, expensive LED and CFL lighting, home entertainment systems, computers and game consoles, telephone to cable systems, and appliances with microprocessor circuits (Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washer and Dryers, Dishwashers to name a few.)

  • Easy to install
  • Compact device (4.32"W, 10.87"H, 2.92"D)
  • Protects all appliances and electronics

Don't wait until it's too late. Install Surge now!

Square D Surge Protective Devices are engineered based on decades of surge protection expertise and industry-leading technology, delivering innvation and performance in one standard package.

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