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Electrical Panel Replacement and Upgrades by Stansbury Electric

Make Sure Your Electrical Panel is Safe

Electricians Repair Panel— electrical panels in Louisville, KY
An electrical panel, also sometimes referred to as a breaker panel, is a device that distributes electricity to the appliances and electrical products throughout your home or office. As an electrical panel ages and becomes old and outdated, many issues can arise. These issues can cause power failures and even more serious situations like house or office fires.

Signs Your Electrical Panel May Need Replacing

If your lights are flickering If there is any cracking sounds coming from the box If you notice rust on the breakers or panels. If you have experienced an Electrical Shock Appliances running at low power If your panels breakers are constantly flipping or blown

Dangerous Electrical Panels To Watch Out For In Louisville, Kentucky

Electrical Panels can pose a serious risk to your home or office. The following panels are considered dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

Federal Pacific Electrical (FPE Panels)

These panels were built in homes from 1965 to 1990, they can still be found in many homes today. According to the experts, these panels can work seemingly fine for years,. However it only takes one over current or short current. Afterwards these panels can overheat and become very dangerous fire hazards. According to an expert who investigated these panels, they

Zinsco Electrical Panels

These panels were commonly made prior to 1975. They suffered from a flawed design which allowed power to flow even if the breaker appeared to be switched off. Because of this, they pose a very dangerous threat for shock and fire hazard. If you feel that your electrical panel may need inspection or a replacement, please call Stansbury Electric at (502) 491-5313.

Innovative Design!
Square D QO Plug-on Neutral
Load Centers and CAFI Circuit Breakers

Designed for reliability, the QO™ Plug-on Neutral CAFI Circuit Breakers connect directly to the neutral bar, providing a time and labro-saving installation.
*Square D™ CAFI Circuit Breakers now feature TIME SAVER diagnostics to help you find circuit issues faster

The QO Plug-on Neutral Advantage:

  • Fewer connections - Faster installation
  • No pigtails - Frees gutter space
  • TIME SAVER diagnostics - Advanced trip indication technology saves time
  • QO Plug-on Neutral CAFI Circuit Breaker neutral connector - Designed for reliability and ease of installation
  • QO Load Center interior - Engineered for a quick Plug-on Neutral connection on every circuit

Your home is protected with the market-leading Square D Electrical Distribution System; the number one choice of Builders, Electrical Contractors, and Homeowners.

Your Square D™ by Schneider Electric™ Electrical Distribution System provides reliable protection against electrical hazards in your home; hazards that in years past, or in your previous house, may have gone undetected.
These hazards can be hidden in:
  • Walls
  • Cords
  • Plugs
  • Inside devices plugged into a receptacle (like vacuums, brand-new TVs, etc.)
Your home is protected with the latest technology and innovations in circuit protection and fire prevention. Just like the airbags in your car and technology on your smartphone, circuit breakers are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before. Square D Circuit Breakers are engineered and designed to help keep you. your family, and your property safe from electrical hazards that were previously undetectable.
Much like the smoke alarm in your home when the toast gets burned, this protection can sometimes seem inconvenient, but can ensure you and your family are protected at all times. it doesn't always alarm at a convenient time nor is it always easy to reach, but in the end, it is watching over you and your family to help protect you from danger.
Your electrical system operates in the same way. When a circuit breaker trips. it is an indication that conditions on the circuit may be hazardous. It's important to realize the circuit breaker is helping to protect people and property from a potentially dangerous condition. A little inconvenience is far better than a little fire! It's hard to put a price on the personal safety of you and your loved ones.