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Generators by Stansbury Electric

Generator outside the house — generator systems in Louisville, KY
We've all been there, your power goes out during a nightly thunderstorm and you're left wandering aimlessly in the dark of your home. Nothing will turn on so all you can really do is lay around waiting for daylight. Having the power go out at your home is bad enough, but if the power goes out at your place of business it can be much worse. Without power, you run the risk of losing an entire day of profits, not to mention your customers will be less than happy with your service. In the event of a power outage, a generator from Stansbury Electric can save the day or night! Allow us to install a standby generator in your home or place of business and you will no longer have to worry about losing customers or losing the everyday conveniences of your home.

What is a Generator

A generator is a device that will provides your home or office with a backup source of power. If your power goes out during a thunderstorm or for any other reason. The generator will be able to power your home until your main source of power is restored.

Call Us Today For A Generator

Don't risk your home or place of business being left in the dark. Let the experienced technicians of Stansbury Electric come and inspect your home or place of business. We will be able to accurately determine what the right size of generator your home or place of business will need. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kohler Generators. If you are located in the Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas and you are interested in purchasing and installing a generator for your home or office, please give Stansbury Electric a call at (502) 491-5313.