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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

How can I make my home electrical system safer?
One of the most common misconceptions is that an amateur can complete a professional task. Just as you would not perform surgery on your own body, you should never attempt to take electrical problems into your own hands. For the sake of your own safety, only let a certified electrician install or repair home electric appliances. A faulty switch or outlet can be more serious than a DIY show portrays, and taking matters into your own hands can endanger your home and loved ones.
What problems might I be overlooking?
Many homeowners do not realize their fire alarms are outdated or neglected. Even if your alarm is hardwired into the house's electric grid, the alarm unit should be replaced every ten years. If applicable, change the batteries in your smoke detector at least annually. All alarms, regardless of power source, should be tested monthly. When in doubt, always consult the manufacturer's manual.
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