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Lightning — electrician in Louisville, KY


Swihart Enterprises & Electrical is our electricians at Stansbury Electric have many years of experience in installing ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. We understand that each and every home is unique, so we take good care to make sure that our installations are safe and reliable, as well as being energy efficient.


Our home lighting systems cover a wide range of needs. Our experts can install interior, exterior, and security lighting.

  • Interior Lighting- Standard and custom fixes, small to large fixtures, strip lights and upgrades.
  • Exterior Lighting- We offer fixtures, as well as custom yard lights, pathway lighting, garden lighting and repairs for damaged systems

  • Security Lighting- Motion sensor lights as well as timed lights for both interior and exterior areas.

If you haven't replaced your fixtures in a long while, it may be time to consider an upgrade. We offer high quality, energy efficient models. These new systems will end up saving you money in the long room, not to mention their high quality will give your home a new look and feel, increasing its curb appeal.